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Warrior soul by MotherOC-Jay Warrior soul :iconmotheroc-jay:MotherOC-Jay 3 0
Chatroom 9-18-2011
Tierene had recently ran away from her house. These words went through her head like a speeding bullet, 'Stop burning things Tierene. I can't afford another bill from the police.' What did she know? She doesn't know how it makes her feel?! Just thinking this was making embers come out of her hands....
The Dark Knight was standing there, thinking of what to destroy
ah, what a sunshining, sparkling day! The boy had decided that this day would be the day to take his first few steps out of the field he knew as his home. Sure, it was tough, and he scared, too! But the people from before seemed really interesting, and sort of nice, like the bugs he knew. Maybe if he looked for them, he could find them! Oh, how excited and nervous he was...! (( I'm sort of dying inside because of how funny it is to type like this for him. :'D .... ))
Tierene felt a presence behind her. She jutted around quickly. "Marco, that's creepy. Don't do that again." Sneaking up behind her and scaring her. Even if she w
:iconmotheroc-jay:MotherOC-Jay 0 0
The Dark Trio by MotherOC-Jay The Dark Trio :iconmotheroc-jay:MotherOC-Jay 6 2
Chatroom 9-10-2011
Aeoila tended to just wander around the world, seeing what the humans were doing to it. 'If I had it my way the world would be..... Well, it wouldn't be great for these humans, that's for sure'. Humans where interesting to 'her'. Doing the things they did.
The dark knight was walking around the forest
'She' spotted some one.... His aura, there was something off about it. Should 'she' investigate? Or leave it alone?
I felt a powerful force up ahead... he said
((** he said to himself))
'Whatever....' 'She said to 'herself'. I won't bother with it.
He looked around
Casually walking around, 'she' walked past him, and saw 'he' was just standing there. "Yo, you're in my way ya know, and stop standing like that! It's creeping me out." Then again, all humans did so.....
........Fine......he used his dark power to get past her
That was... interesting. 'She' had never seen that from a human... Maybe he's not human....
Now, Where was I... Walks deep into the forest
Eavesdropping? Of course. 'She'
:iconmotheroc-jay:MotherOC-Jay 3 0
Possessed Knight by MotherOC-Jay Possessed Knight :iconmotheroc-jay:MotherOC-Jay 0 1 The Emerald Knight by MotherOC-Jay The Emerald Knight :iconmotheroc-jay:MotherOC-Jay 2 0 The OCs of light by MotherOC-Jay The OCs of light :iconmotheroc-jay:MotherOC-Jay 5 6 Two sides by MotherOC-Jay Two sides :iconmotheroc-jay:MotherOC-Jay 2 0 Starman Jay by MotherOC-Jay Starman Jay :iconmotheroc-jay:MotherOC-Jay 4 7
Chatroom 10-22 and 23-2010
He was lying flat on the seafloor close to the shore,
watching people milling about on the beach. He was waiting for someone
to come close enough, and then he'd strike...
*Walks slowly to the beach*
*Senavi was standing about, confused about all the
people and the sounds they made. one there, and one here, and wait
where? there was too many voices, or for him, to comprehend.*
*Jay saw Sena* Hey Sena.
Kraken stayed under the water, trying to be patient
- but he couldn't wait to give everyone a scare! However, he did his
best to wait - just a little longer.
uh? *his hands whips out, ashe tries to figure
where the voice came from; he knew the voice, or, he felt like he did, but where?*
Are you OK?
It's Me. Jay.
what...? *he lowers his hands, and laughs. *
I'm..I'm sorry, mr. Jay sir, I was just...trying to figure out where to were and all..
OK.*walks a little closer to the water*
He grinned as he felt someone walk closer;
this would be perfect! With a massive lurch of his body, Kraken
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Halloween ID 2010 by MotherOC-Jay Halloween ID 2010 :iconmotheroc-jay:MotherOC-Jay 2 3
Chatroom 10-02-2010
*Jay went into the forest to start his training*
Aeoila, doing her usual moring walk descovers someone in the forest.
*Holograms trapped him & Jay pulled out his sword*
"Oh my. It seems ive gotten myself into somthing again...♥" Aeoila puts her hand on her face and blushes.
Jay attacks the holograms
Aeoila curiously observes the man.
The hologram attacks him and Jay dodged it
*turns off holograms*
Relizes that he has spotted her. *blushes* "My that was amusing!♥"
"So, what are you doing here all by yourself?♥"
I was training.
"Oh that's nice!" Looks at the sword. "That's a nice sword as well."
Thanks. This here is the Emerald Sword.
"Oh, is it made of real emeralds? Because emeralds always go nice with my hair!♥ But I digress....♥"
Yes. This is made out of real emeralds. But has a magic power to cut though steel.
"Magic like PSI?" * Is totally unaware if Jay knows about PSI*
Not likely......But the Three emerald element moves: Fire, I
:iconmotheroc-jay:MotherOC-Jay 2 0
Emerald Flaming Dragon by MotherOC-Jay Emerald Flaming Dragon :iconmotheroc-jay:MotherOC-Jay 2 2
Chatroom 09-19-2010
Kirsten cradled a large and what seemed like a heavy bag as she was walking back from Tazmily. She whistled quietly to herself, but suddenly she tripped and dropped her bag, spilling the contents all over the ground. Ack...!!
Need help?
N-no, I'm fine, thanks. *She starts to quickly put the items back in the bag; many of the items were vegetables and fruits that seemed very fresh*
*Senavi was walking about, tapping his walking stick about. He heard a sound echo from his right, and spins around, curoius as to what was going on..* uhm, hello there?
Hey there Sena!
*peeks out from behind a tree watching.. these are people he knows but he's unsure if he should bother them so he watches silently instead*
*Kirsten looks up from her bag and sees Senavi wandering around with his stick. She smiles and grunts as she hefts up her bag once more and walks over to him* Senavi~!
*walks by in Saturn form*
...! *stares in shock at the saturn*
Hm? Well if it isn't Aipe
ahh..? *he nearly drops his wa
:iconmotheroc-jay:MotherOC-Jay 1 0
Chatroom 09-18-2010
*takes it carefully and inspects it* come this one is green? is it supposed to be that color?
Alrighty~ *follows*
** RadicalDreams-Jason has left [connection closed]
Wow, it's been a while, huh? *She runs over to the punk, smiling*
yeah we wanted to try it...!
Hmmm...~ *She looks around and sees many crates and boxes*
ah, right.. the juice is running into that room.. so lets go that way.
uh you sure about that?
Ugh... First of all, there's gotta be money in there, second, we gotta beat the door down!
wow... they must really want their cider safe then..
oh wow.. this must be the cider!
*takes one of the smaller jugs off the shelf and opens it taking a drink* this stuff is really good...!
(( So good it kills you ))
*She takes a sip* Aaaah...~ Delicious...~
They bring it in here, obviously...
And... where's all that cider we saw being made goin'? This place gives me the creeps...
... I call dibs on the cider mill! It's mine now!
Wait... do you hear that...? It
:iconmotheroc-jay:MotherOC-Jay 1 2
Gaia Avatar 18: Jay by MotherOC-Jay Gaia Avatar 18: Jay :iconmotheroc-jay:MotherOC-Jay 2 0


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After a bloody battle of Jay's soul and Marco's soul in his mind. The dark soul was ripped out of his body. His armor and his sword was pure emerald.

I will get rid of you, evil soul!!

Jay slashed the soul with great power

Never again, will I fall into darkness!!
  • Listening to: Emerald Sword-Rhapsody (Of Fire)
  • Playing: Dissidia 012 [duodecim]-Final Fantasy


United States
I'm Jay. I am the Emerald Knight. Even though I don't have PSI, I can transform my whole body into pure emerald, & it's hard like a diamond. I can even use special emerald attacks like fire, ice, & lightning.

:iconmotheroc-senavi:, :iconmotheroc-c-kirsten:,:iconmotheroc-alinivar:,:iconmotheroc---eight:, :iconmotheroc-leroy:, :iconmotheroc-tierene:, :iconmotheroc-luke:, :iconmotheroc-ivan:.

Anything that has an evil soul!

((Now part of :iconmotherrp-da:

Who's under my control? :iconjayemeraldover9000x:… so I can access to it easily))

Current Residence: Columbus Ohio,Temple of the Great Emerald
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: The "Fuzzy pickles" dude
Wallpaper of choice: Emerald
Personal Quote: "I fight for my pals"


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